The Monmouth Independence Chamber of Commerce (MICC) serves its community by representing the public and local business organizations to promote an image of a valuable, modern economic center. This set of icons, logo, and Double Gate Fold brochure were developed to represent four specific concepts: Commerce, History, Outdoors, and Landmarks.​​​​​​​
 Each icon maintains a simplistic, clear, linear design format, in order to avoid being too detailed or intricate, which is then carried forward into the logo. The precise geometrical shapes behind each image represent its economic value and strength in unifying the people of these communities. The color overlaid on each image flows outside of the lines to create a looser, more friendly feeling. This, combined with the bright colors, conveys an inviting and contemporary feeling and reflects the cultural and environmental richness of the area. The designs lend themselves to multi-use purposes across varied types of media.  For those individuals familiar with the localities, the images from each town reveal deeper meaning and significance.
There are four distinct sections throughout the body of the brochure which are organized by color to reflect the concepts in the logo. The arrangement of photographs throughout the brochure offers variety, while still remaining balanced with the colored bars and text. Combined to create harmony throughout these pieces, each feature works to reflect the beautiful, rich community Monmouth and Independence have to offer locals, tourists, and incoming and current business partners alike. ​​​​​​
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